Inquiry: Guzhen Lighting Periphery Store Competition

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-25


 Today, commercial real estate is gradually becoming more specialized and large-scale. A large number of emerging stores are breaking through in innovation in operations, management and services. From planning to starting work, from positioning to attracting investment, they are not willing to stand out and strive to stand out from the crowd.

 The construction and operation of the store should look to the future

 The development of the ancient town store to today is both accidental and inevitable. From the mid-to-late 1990s to the lighting street in 2008, and after more stores in 2009, the lighting market in Guzhen gradually matured. However, supporting services and related industry planning are relatively lagging behind. To lead the enterprises to go out and go to the high-end international market, the construction of the store needs to look to the future, and it needs an inclusive heart.

 The ancient town should take itself as the core, expand the scope of the business circle, and strengthen cooperation and exchanges with the stores in the surrounding areas such as Henglan, Jiangmen, Shunde and Xiaolan. At the same time, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Stores in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other regions as learning objects, absorb more lighting companies to join the business circle, effectively upgrade the stores in the ancient town, and lead the company to the international arena.

 Inquiry: Guzhen Periphery Store Competition

EME looks at the future when planning the project. It does not simply model the operation mode and construction concept of the existing stores in the antique town, but upgrades the management service from the traditional property management type, not only introducing mainstream brands, but even establishing Taiwan Pavilion, Japan. Pavilions, Korean pavilions, etc., in order to attract more and better quality corporate groups. At the same time, the company has been involved in various large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad, providing the conditions and platform for the enterprises to enter the internationalization. In addition, companies entering the EME can enjoy the full support of the loans and policies provided by the government. At the same time, in terms of rent and resource integration, the advantages of EME are higher than those of similar stores.

 Market positioning ensures that 20 years are not behind

 The rising stores have greatly improved the lighting environment in the entire area of the ancient town, and laid a solid foundation for the hardware facilities for the Chinese lights to move toward the world. However, the problem of living support for the entire city of Guzhen has gradually emerged due to the full development of the lighting and lighting industry. Therefore, the completion of the Guzhen Lihe Square project will open the framework of the urban construction of the ancient town, and it is expected to solve the traffic problems in the old city and solve the current situation of the industry service level lag. And improve the living standards of the ancient town and surrounding citizens.

 From the inevitable trend of upgrading the lighting industry, there will be more carriers in the ancient town to promote industrial upgrading, including various types of innovation platforms, public service platforms, traditional businesses and electronic trading platforms. The construction of these platforms can create a high-quality business environment for lighting companies, thus driving the sustainable development of the overall economy of the ancient town. Guzhen Lihe Square · World Bo Center has a total construction area of more than 800,000 square meters. It is specially set to 12 floors for the professional lighting culture display function. The standard floor height is 5.8 meters and the local floor height is 9 meters. At the same time, we also plan to put the lights on. The top of the building is made into a streetlight display platform. The fastest completion of the entire ancient town and the Plaza is the World Center project, which is expected to be completed and delivered in about 26 months.

 Guzhen Lihe Square World  Bo Center has a clear target position to build one of the top professional wall sconce markets in China and the world. No matter the building volume, combination planning, commercial services, and logistics equipment, it is a leading level, synchronized with international standards, and can not be copied in a short period of time. The ancient town and even the largest and most prosperous lighting industry center in the country strive to be backward in the next 20 years.

 The store needs to change from quantitative to qualitative

 In recent years, there have been many stores in Guzhen, Xiaolan and Jiangmen. These stores have undergone subtle changes in terms of scale, management, operation, display level, and shopping guide services, and they also show that the pattern of stores is gradually intensive. And the development of specialization. At the same time, large quantities of stores continue to emerge, and the fierce competition they bring has accelerated the reshuffle of the wall sconce market. It has also brought new opportunities and challenges to the operators of the stores. The rents have fallen, the market is not popular enough, and the merchants have invested. It is not directly proportional to the income, the impact of e-commerce on direct stores, management and services, etc. If not handled well, the store will face a crisis. In the case of near-saturated market, the key to the survival of the store is to operate, and to achieve a qualitative breakthrough. Reasonable operation, including the need for the store to have its own core competitiveness, professional management team, resource integration capabilities, accurate positioning, perfect supporting services, etc., and strive to improve the profitability of the company, help companies to promote.
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