Infiniti went to Yang to inspect and favor his 'three new' industries

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-01

The rapid development of emerging industries such as new energy, new light sources and new materials in Yangzhou has attracted the attention of international venture capitalists. At noon on the 10th, Yang Jianzhou Party Secretary Ji Jianye met with Ami Jiaao, a partner of Israel's Infiniti Investment Company. He said that all kinds of investment funds including Israel's Infiniti will be welcome to Yangzhou to discuss investment and accelerate the development of Yangzhou's 'three new' industries. Municipal Committee of the Standing Committee and Secretary-General Lu Guiping attended the meeting.

Infinity Investment is an Israeli venture capital firm that invests in mature Israeli technology companies and Chinese companies with synergies, focusing on medical devices and services, games, and information technology. At present, Infiniti manages 45 companies, over 600 million US dollars in total assets, and has successfully exited 20 times. The company entered the Chinese market in 2004, mainly providing financing services such as venture capital and venture funds for small and medium-sized technology companies.

During the meeting, Ji Jianye said that in the process of promoting Israeli technological innovation, various venture capital funds, venture capital funds and seed funds have played a significant supporting role.

Ji Jianye said that at present, Yangzhou is accelerating industrial adjustment and vigorously cultivating “three new” industries such as new energy, new light sources and new materials. The new energy and new light source industries have formed a relatively complete industrial chain, in terms of technical support and standards. Great progress has also been made in the formulation and other aspects. In the next step, Yangzhou will further increase its support for the development of the “three new” industries and hopes to cooperate with Israeli venture capital companies. It is hoped that through this cooperation, more Israeli technology, talents, funds and other resources will be introduced to further expand the cooperation between Yangzhou and Israel in technological innovation.

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