industrial foyer lighting - make a statement in your entryway

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-12
If you have accepted the idea of decorative lighting in a vintage industrial style, then you cannot forget the entrance or foyer.
This is a space where you can really make it pop, marvel at your visitors and create an atmosphere that suits your personality.
If you have high ceilings at your entrance, then you\'ll want a larger chandelier look with long chains or wires.
Many of them can be shortened, so if you get a second one, you can keep continuity elsewhere, or get something different for each room with the same retro style.
If the current fixture is just the kind of flat-panel building fixture that says \"boring\", then it\'s time to check out some of the latest rural industrial fixtures that are not only real but safe.
No longer have the opportunity to find old fixtures in garage sales and antique stores.
Note: If you find an authentic old item, hand it over to a licensed electrician to re-wire it because many old fixtures use the old standard.
You don\'t want a fire when you try to recreate a country theme.
You want a safe line and you want a safe bulb.
What I like is that you can get a safe and special Edison bulb online to finish the lighting.
There are some shops that have this line, but many people still like to carry modern, traditional and some fashionable styles, but I have found many shops online that match the rustic industrial style.
Also make sure the ceiling at the entrance can withstand the weight.
No matter what style of fixtures you choose, you may need additional support if it is heavy.
If you are replacing the chandelier that is already there, it is likely that it has been reinforced, but these construction lights are often on the light appliance box.
You don\'t want your chandelier to fall
Now that we have resolved the security issue, we will move on. Credit: amazon. comElectro_BP;
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