Indoor European wall lamp real SHOT Show

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-01
Indoor wall lamp refers to an auxiliary lighting lamp installed on the indoor wall. At the same time, it is also a decorative lamp. European wall lamp is the most common one, it is in the living room, bedroom, aisle and other places. Next, I will take you to enjoy a group of snooker beauty indoor European wall lamps. The background wall of the living room is naturally decorated with a European wall lamp, SB50711-01B and SB50311- 01 belongs to the same series of wall lamps, the same lampshade style, straight tube lamp Wall looks solemn, curved tube lamp wall is more elegant. SB50711-01B real shot SB50311- 01 real shot, if you prefer the style close to the wall, you can choose SB03109- 01, there is no lamp Wall, the hanging board can be directly installed on the wall, the installation is simple, the style is simple and generous. The double-headed European wall lamp is also the best choice for the living room background wall. One is installed on each side of the background wall, which is symmetrical and coordinated, highlighting the overall beauty. This SB40701- 01B white linen is a versatile model, you can install the bedroom bedside or corridor aisle.
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