Indoor All-copper European wall lamp--Extraordinary life enjoyment

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-01
When you decorate, do you think wall lamps are almost dispensable in your home? In fact, if you understand the use characteristics of wall lamps, you can still make wall lamps glow with unique luster. For example, in the pattern of many houses, there will be balconies or aisles. If on the wall at the end of the corridor, an all-copper European wall lamp with a unique style corresponding to the home style will be installed, the dullness of the corridor as a whole was immediately broken. Installation skills of all-copper European wall lamp: Generally speaking, the installation height of all-copper European wall lamp should be slightly higher than the sight line, so as not to interfere with normal activities of people, and should be controlled at about 1. 8 high. But some places should be different, such as the living room. Living room: the height of the all-copper European wall lamp next to the sofa should be slightly higher than the sitting height of the human body, and the brightness should be convenient for reading. Bedroom: The all-copper European wall lamp at the head of the bed should be determined according to the actual situation. The light should be soft and the lampshade should also be opaque, so that there is brightness in the irradiation surface, the non-irradiation surface is not affected, so it will not affect other people's rest, but the switch should be set in a position that can be touched by reaching out. Study: choose arc-shaped lamp holder and graceful all-copper European wall lamp. For the soft study, they are all well matched. For the study, wall lamp is really not a major event, but all-copper European wall lamps are the details of your taste. For small-sized study rooms, consider the simple single-head all-copper European wall lamp, while for larger-sized study rooms, there is more choice.
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