In the decoration season of May, which brand of European chandelier is better?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-26
May is the peak season for decoration. Many people have already decorated their houses almost, and then they will choose lights. Choosing lights is a big project. When it comes to lamp selection, the living room lamp as the main lamp will be given priority to by everyone. If the main lamp is selected, it will be easy for other lamps to be purchased. The classic European chandelier is an old topic of the living room lights. The European chandeliers on the market are dazzling. Which brand is good to choose. The editor told you not to struggle with it. Here are some European chandeliers recommended for you. The classic European fabric chandelier may feel too simple at first glance, but it is not, this SZ22038-06 European chandelier is not simple at all. The lampshade of this European chandelier is a simple fabric lampshade, but the exquisite part is in its details. If you look closely, you will find that the lamp plate is made of Dewaxed copper, the shape is flower-shaped, the ball of the chandelier and even the beauty at the bottom are also made of Dewaxed copper. It looks very delicate and has delicate patterns. The all-copper European chandelier with crystal decoration is also a popular style. This SZ50817- 08 All-copper European chandelier design is also very special, full of modern crystal pendant decoration, the middle column part and the ball are made of jade, modern fashion and traditional retro combination, no sense of discord. The bright light shines down, making the whole living room more dazzling and classy. All copper European chandelier SZ50768- 15 is a low-key and luxurious living room chandelier. The double-layer design looks very atmospheric. The all-copper lamp body is matched with a white trumpet flower frosted glass lampshade, and the bottom is also designed with a bottom pot. At the same time, each lampshade is decorated with crystal. Joker hot selling European chandelier, I believe you will also like it.
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