In 2013, engineering lamps ushered in a golden period of market development

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-04
According to the forecast of authoritative media, the overall demand of the lighting industry will shrink moderately in 2013. Domestic total demand will shrink by 10- 20%, foreign aggregate demand will shrink by 30% or more. Therefore, 2013 is still a difficult year for the lighting industry, especially in the first half of the year. Domestic competition intensifies, and the industry will compete from the ground; Continue to transition to the competition in the bowl; . Some lamps and lanterns will continue to tighten their belts in the middle and upper reaches. Most of the downstream enterprises are still struggling on the line of confusion. Some enterprises that have identified their positions and breakthroughs will live a better life. In general, the whole lighting market will show the following development trend: high-end products are still high above the others: because high-end products are always created for 80% consumers who have mastered 20% wealth, therefore, it is not greatly affected by the economic environment; The real high-end products can only be provided by a few brands, so the competitive pressure is not great. Therefore, high-end products can still maintain 30-50% growth. However, judging from the situation at the beginning of the year, some enterprises have put on high-end coats for themselves, as if they had become representatives of high-end lamps one night ago. Fine products, because of its management is not in place, design strength is not in place and other reasons, just simply copy some high-end lighting products, its so-called high-end has no high-end style. At best, it is a fake of a high-end lamp product. For such a company, it is tantamount to a dream to get a place in the high-end market. Mid-end lighting products will face a large bottleneck in development: due to the influence of the general economic situation, the consumption power of ordinary urban citizens and small and medium-sized income groups has generally declined, originally, the mid-end products of lighting and lighting have been hit hard in 2012, and the 2013 is still bearish. Therefore, the situation 2013 of mid-range products will be more embarrassing. How to seek a breakthrough is a big problem for such lighting enterprises. The development trend of low-end products: focus on the third and fourth market and the rural market. Low-end but better quality lighting products have a good market situation and a large space. For a long time, the main market for energy-saving lamps will be concentrated in rural areas. Due to the acceleration of rural urbanization and the construction of a new countryside in full swing, this class has a huge consumption power. The popular lamps in rural areas will be: energy-saving lamps, ceiling lamps, low-end LED local lighting, traditional crystal lamps and low-voltage crystal lamps. On the premise that the whole trend is not good, industry analysts believe that engineering lamps and non-standard lamps will usher in unprecedented development opportunities in 2013. As the central government pulls consumption projects; The launch of the project will usher in a good momentum of sustainable development in 2013. In particular, government lighting projects, public lighting projects and hotel lighting projects will usher in a golden period of development. As we all know, in order to become attached to the first two lamps and lanterns, besides having strong enterprise strength, it also needs to have relatively strong social relations, therefore, for enterprises engaged in the production and sales of engineering lamps, the largest steamed buns in 2013 are non-governmental and non-public engineering lamps such as hotel engineering lamps, hotel engineering lamps and Villa engineering lamps. Because although the demand for these engineering lamps is not large, the entry threshold is relatively low. Their general demand for engineering lamps is in two aspects: first, the quality of engineering lamps is guaranteed, and second, the price of engineering lamps is relatively small.
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