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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-31
China (June , 2019)-
VST Lighting Co. , Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high quality and high performance LED lighting systems, with its advanced LED High Bay Light series, creating ripples in the world\'s indoor commercial lighting.
Designed for very large interior spaces such as supermarkets, shopping centers, workshops, sports centers, etc.
These lights have surprised customers with unbeatable features and proven cost-effectiveness. VST Lighting Co. , Ltd.
The company has introduced innovative LED High Bay Light series in two different power supply models;
Standard Model with wattage from 10W to 250W and ultra high power model with wattage from 300W to 1000W
Regardless of the wattage, the company makes sure to maintain a very simple design in its high bay lights for easy and error-free installation in countless application areas.
Customers who have recently used these lighting systems have made it clear that after VST lighting has high bay lights, their electricity bills do save.
A limited company was installed in their premises.
In addition, this innovative manufacturer\'s LED High Bay Light has a 5-year warranty support with a design life of up to 50,000 hours, which can be greatly increased through optimal use.
About VST lighting
VST Lighting Co. , Ltd. is a young and dynamic manufacturer of LED lighting solutions for commercial/industrial/residential areas with outstanding performance in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness.
The company currently welcomes orders from countries around the world while maintaining easy purchase, customization and delivery policies.
For more information about VST lighting Limited, please visit the media contact VST lighting Limited.
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