If I want to open a lighting franchise store, what do I need to investigate?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-28
If you want to open a lighting franchise store, you don't mean to open it. There is a lot of preparatory work to be done in the early stage. Today's small edition focuses on the preliminary inspection work. No matter which lighting brand you join, you should be cautious and have a certain understanding of all aspects. First, it is very important to see if there is a model market and whether the brand you choose to join has a good market. If there is a good model market, you can probably know how well this lighting brand is doing in the market, whether it is well known and recognized by consumers, and you can probably know its development prospects, in this way, you will have a bottom in your heart and be more assured. Second, do you have your own physical store, it is recommended to see if there is a physical store on the website of the lighting brand you choose to join, if you have a physical store in your city, it is best, if you choose a store that has been in operation for more than two years, you should go to the local physical store to check the operation status of the store, so as to have a general direction for the operation of your own store in the future. Third, to see if there are actual production workshops and warehouses, the direct method is to inspect the factory of the brand you joined to see if there are actual production workshops and warehouses, this is to avoid encountering some OEM. By looking at the production workshop and warehouse, we can also see the strength of this lighting brand. Four, the important thing is to see the product, whether there is a market, of course, after all, mainly to see the product, to see if the product of this lighting brand you choose has a market, whether it is favored by consumers, this is especially important if it is profitable to open such a lighting franchise store.
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