【]I wish all women a happy 'March 8th Queen's Day'

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-02
This March 8th Queen's day spent in snooker; Let me deeply feel the warmth of the big family of snooker. In this special festival, snooker does not forget to care about our employees. On the night before the festival, snooker Mercure prepared holiday gifts for the female employees of our company. As soon as I entered the office in the morning, I received a blessing from snooker, happy holidays, concerned greetings, and holiday gifts that had already been neatly placed on our desks. Happy than now popular grab a red envelope, the festival is less grab a red envelope how can do? The family group of snooker is starting to move! The first one was that general manager Ma of our snooker House distributed a big red envelope to everyone. The colleagues in the office could no longer resist the temptation of red envelopes, and at the same time, they showed off their speed and became the king of luck. Our office leaders also sent a big red envelope, and did not forget the @ office girls to hurry to grab. Then the male colleagues of snooker also did not forget to distribute holiday red envelopes to us, watching the red envelopes jumping out of the group one by one, dropping us into the money eye; The guy in the music, how happy! I am very honored to be a member of snooker Meiju. In the big family of snooker Meiju, not only work, but also the warmth from snooker Meiju. The staff here are like the children of snooker Meiju, under the careful cultivation of snooker, we have become even better! We will work hard to create more miracles for snooker! Here, Snooker live in the United States to wish all women the March 8th Queen's Day; Happy! More and more beautiful, always 18 years old!
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