I really can't control how many I sent, this sultry fan lamp!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-13
Fan lights may have been heard a long time ago, but all copper fan lights are rare. Snooker has recently launched a new copper fan lamp. The all-Copper motor cover is more luxurious. The inconspicuous lamp walls are carefully designed, and the details of the lamp plates cannot be easily missed. The dewaxing copper process depicts the lamp plates perfectly, it contains the breath of classical copper lamps. Snooker Meizhu fan lamp can switch the wind speed of three gears at will. One gear: sleep wind, soft Cool Wind caresses the cheeks. The baby falls asleep inadvertently. The second gear: natural wind, Daily natural wind mode is turned on to enhance air convection, improve air quality and benefit family health. Third Gear: Sports wind, summer and air conditioning, can quickly reduce indoor temperature, can reduce air conditioning 25% energy consumption, and effectively reduce the risk of air conditioning disease. The humanized cable switch design is more suitable for the elderly at home, which is a classic inheritance. At the same time, it can also be remotely controlled, which is convenient and fast.
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