I bought the most expensive house but used the cheapest lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-26
I heard that XXX Real estate is not bad, but to * * * money a ping, so expensive Ah, no way, or grind your teeth to buy early, or it will grow again! ; The house is expensive; I bought it and finally arrived at the delivery date. Then I started to decorate it intensively. Buy floor tiles, wooden doors, floors and furniture. . . . . . It is often the last time I think of buying a lamp. In front of me, I bought it, and I chose the expensive one. Finally, I bought the lamp. The budget is too tight. I can't do anything about it. I'll take the second place. Buy a cheaper one and make do with it! So I spent more than 800 yuan to buy a complete set of all-copper lamps for three rooms and two halls. . . . . . In fact, the most difficult thing to do with a house is the light. It is said that the lamp is the eyes of the home, the lamp is beautifully lit, the mood is beautiful, the good lamp, let the home Peng Yu Zenghui, the lamp highlights culture, art, taste! However, some people say: good copper lamps are too expensive! ; Very expensive, yes, because good, so expensive! Products are expensive in quality, people are expensive in taste! Otherwise, if you look at Porsche, Land Rover is also very expensive, but more and more people are driving it, Santana is very cheap, but more and more people are eliminating it! In reality, it is impossible to spend the least money but buy the best products. Because a penny, a penny! This is the truth of money. Good lamps and lanterns can play the role of finishing touch at home! The following is a real shot of some customers' home copper lamp installation effect.
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