i bought echo, amazon’s voice-controlled speaker that talks to you like siri and plays music, and i like it

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-08
IvanTheKThe Echo and the scale of 750 ml bottles under remote control.
This is a guest post by Ivan K, and this is a great person to follow on Twitter.
He got an echo from Amazon and wrote a review for us.
I was the first kid in my neighborhood to accept the delivery of Amazon\'s latest hardware products, which it called \"Echo \".
Echo is an audio device that accesses and plays certain web content through the user\'s voice commands and can store a limited number of users-
Provide data for future research/retrieval.
I haven\'t seen amazonoffially officially categorize the Echo yet, but at this point the \"virtual personal assistant\" seems ambitious.
Echo has a lot of great quality and features, but it seems to be more like a placeholder for future innovation, just as Amazon Kindle has laid the foundation for the development and popularity of tablets.
The first sale of Echo is conducted only by invitation (
Register by Amazon. com)
And, for a limited period of time, major members like eme can get it for $99.
Amazon says it will provide
A gold member of $199.
The $99 price seems to be a huge slam dunk because the device has enough functionality to make it useful immediately.
In fact, if I am allowed, I will buy the second one now.
However, Amazon currently limits sales for a permanent customer.
The hardware and setup boxes are Echo, AC power cord and remote control unit (
Battery Included).
The Echo itself is a satin black cylinder, 9 inch high and 3 inch independent.
Most of its weight comes from construction-
This produces a very good sound quality in amplifiers and speakers.
When I first saw it on Amazon, my first reaction was to voice it \"Siri\" in acan \".
As I will discuss later, it is not far away. IvanTheKTop-
The top view of the Echo, with its microphone cut-off button and Action Button acting as a manual wake-up word trigger.
Echo works only on AC power, which may limit the flexibility of its position at home, but it makes sense considering the power consumption of sound amplification and continuous \"listening.
\"The most difficult thing to install is to open the battery cover for theremote, which requires longer nails than I do.
The remote control works well considering Echo\'s excellent speech recognition ability, although I rarely need to use it.
The original Echo setup is simple and requires a stand-alone mobile device with an anAmazon Echo app (free download)
, As well as working wireless networks with Internet access.
I\'m using the iPhone 5S, but Amazon says the app is available for both Android and kindle Fire devices (
I can\'t detect the advantage of using Kindle Fire and echo).
In short, the app on the mobile device was originally used to directly control the Echo, boot the echo to the wireless network and link it to the user\'s Amazon. comaccount.
It only took a few minutes.
After the initial setup, Echo and companionmobile apps silently communicate with each other over the network.
The voice recognition wake-up word for Operation Amazon Echo is \"Alexa \".
Although you can change the word to \"Amazon\", you can\'t customize it.
\"It would make sense if you had an Alexa at home.
Each command starts with \"Alexa\", but you don\'t have to wait for forEcho to confirm you in order to proceed with the command (i. e.
\"Alexa, when is it now? ” works fine. )
The default listening mode for Echo is alwayson, similar to the iphone\'s \"Hey Siri\" feature.
You can manually turn off the continuous listening of the Echo, and you can still make voice commands through the remote control microphone.
I think this will fix this if you are worried that Echo is always bugging.
The power of the Echo is that its multiple microphones are able to receive sound from many places in the room.
I don\'t need to stand in front of the cylinder to understand.
It\'s easy for me to make orders 20 feet away.
The indicator light on the Echo is a small power source-
On the LED at the bottom, there is a colored light halo at the top of the cylinder.
When you hear wake-up words, processing commands, and microphones, the light Bell will confirmmute mode.
Like Siri on iOS, Echo provides access to information and music with a modest list-making feature.
The current time and weather are easily available locally and in other places with natural language.
If you are a Prime member, you can play music from the Amazon library or the Prime Music Library.
Playlistsand shuffle play can be requested.
Echo ishappy play non-sample
The main music you ask for, but not yet owned.
You can buy it if you like: \"Alexa, buy this song.
\"Amazon Echo can access a wide variety of streamingradio content via the TuneIn app oriHeartRadio, which can be set up via the Echo app on your phone.
When I said, \"Alexa, hit 1010 win\", The Echo is located in New York.
The news radio station began to play in seconds.
Similarly, BBC World Service\'s \"Alexa, play the BBC\" kicksoff.
Pause, skip, and volume control can work easily where applicable.
Currently, there is no direct access to subscription services Spotify, Pandora orSiriusXM via Echo.
However, with Bluetooth, you can easily transfer the Echo to other devices, such as your smartphone, and can act as a speaker.
Considering the size of the cylinder, the full range sound of the Echo was very good, and I found myself starting several times without distortion.
However, if the voice is loud, there is a problem with Echo hearing my command even if I yell.
This requires using the remote or manual command button at the top of the remote control.
Echo has a good \"Flash lighting\" feature that lets you build a close
Realtimenews updates the template from the module menu on the Echo app.
Module Echo includes playback of the latest top-of-the-
NPRand BBC\'s hourly news capsule, as well as news headlines from users
Defined topic by Echo \"read.
Echo can edit-
Shopping list and shopping list.
In the near future, it\'s not hard to imagine a jump list that links directly to Amazon accounts.
Sadly, Echo can\'t access my calendar
Compared to Siri on the iPhone, this is a drawback.
The device is able to set a timer or act as an analarm clock, but I can\'t get it to the seta standard sleep timer due to its music play function.
Echo\'s ability to extract specific current and historical information from the Internet has a lower score.
Its first generation software cannot answer questions about motion results (
\"How about today\'s plane? ”)
Or movie trivia (
\"Who is the director of the fire chariot? ”)or marketdata (
\"How about the market? ”).
Siri, by contrast, handles these problems with ease.
When echo does not know the answer to the question, it apologizes and pre-orders
Questions people hear in Bing search
Links to terms that can be accessed in the Echoapp.
Interestingly, Echo correctly answered the question of finding the names of Apple and Amazon ceo respectively.
On the other hand, Siri failed miserably and suggested that I go to Apple\'s website to launch an Amazon app for the former.
Each interaction with Echo is applied to the history log in the Echo application, which makes it easy to reference or replay what you have already heard.
It also reminds you that everything you do on it is destroyed.
Amazon Echo is a good choice.
An engineering device with a range of functions that can make it very useful in just a few minutes.
It doesn\'t take much technical expertise to start enjoying its features.
At a $99 discount I think this is a good deal for a self
Internet music and news player with good sound.
While Echo is not ready for prime time when it comes to becoming a virtual personal assistant, I hope future enhancements will expand its capabilities, including both projects and other home automation applications.
I can see that this type of device becomes a central controller for other network devices in the home in the near future, such as lights, climate control, television and security.
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