Hunan Miss Hu full copper lamp installation effect Real shot

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-18
The customer, Miss Hu, gave us a feedback yesterday on a set of real pictures of all-copper lamps purchased in snooker. The customer said that he bought it before. Today, he just cleaned up the house and turned on all the lights. He felt that the installation of the lamps was good. He suddenly remembered to send us some real pictures. The customer really thinks that the all-copper lamp of snooker Meiju is really good, with good quality and texture. When I decided to buy it, it was also recommended by my friend. I feel that it is really worth a penny. The customer's home is mainly decorated in Chinese style, and the restaurant is SZ50317- 06 this all-copper solder glass chandelier, style atmosphere, solemn, and nostalgic retro wooden dining table is also very stylish. The customer's master bedroom is equipped with SZ22081- 06, a small Chinese chandelier with a fabric lampshade, the copper bedside wall lamp is SB07010- 01, compared with the overall style of the bedroom, the light is soft and the lighting effect is great. The customer's son's bedroom is more modern and simple, specially selected SZ07034- 04 all-copper semi-chandeliers match, the style is very atmospheric, all-copper thick frame, the lampshade is decorated with copper flowers, very delicate and classy, the lampshade is made of frosted glass, so that the light is not dazzling, can create a good sleep environment.
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