Hunan Huaihua Miss Jiang all copper chandelier installation completed

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-18
Miss Jiang from Huaihua, Hunan, found us on the official website. The customer helped the children's new house to buy lamps. It turned out that the customer's daughter was getting married in June, so she found us in middle April, hoping to choose a suitable all-copper lamp to install in the beautiful new house. The following is a real shot of the full copper chandelier installed by Ms. Jiang. Compared with the living room area, the decoration style is more modern, and the living room is SZ07338- 12 This all-copper chandelier is very atmospheric in the living room. This is a copper chandelier SZ07319-installed in the master bedroom- 09. This all-copper chandelier does not have much requirement on floor height. It is a dual-purpose style. The whole lamp looks very full and is very suitable for modern bedroom decoration. The second bedroom is a selection of all-copper semi-chandeliers, exquisite and compact, and the second bedroom is SZ07018- 04, water pattern glass lampshade, frosted glass design at the bottom, the lighting effect is also very good, the light is soft, very suitable for installation in the bedroom. The guest bedroom area is slightly larger, and SZ07019-is chosen-06 all copper chandelier. This all-copper chandelier is relatively thick, with square crystal decoration on the lampshade, and the thickened all-copper copper frame looks very stable. This lamp is our best selling model, fashionable and versatile, as well as a ceiling.
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