Hubei Mr. Wu's complete set of copper lamps was successfully installed

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-19
Mr. Wu's complete set of all-copper lamps in Hubei was successfully installed yesterday! The customer Mr. Wu is the overall home improvement, the overall decoration is more luxurious, when the customer finds us, tell us that the furniture at home is made of solid wood, I think it is more appropriate to match the copper lamp, more in line with the overall decoration temperament. We helped Mr. Wu make several different plans according to the customer's needs. After the customer's screening, the style was finally confirmed. Yesterday, all the copper lamps of the customer have been successfully installed. The following is a real shot of the installation effect of the customer feedback. Living room chandelier SZ20768-15 restaurant chandelier SC10701-07 master bedroom SZ50825- 06 second bedroom copper semi-chandelier SZ07036- 04 aisle all copper chandelier SD03202-01
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