how to use colorful, textured plastic cups to create a cool film lighting effect

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-27
This is a very creative idea for any video project.
If you are a film photographer and are open to knowledge and creativity (and cheap! )
So this colorful, dynamic lighting effect is perfect for your movie.
You need three plastic cups, 5/16.
Inch metal rod about 2-
Foot length, tape, packing tape, drill and light.
You can buy plastic cups from the dollar store, which won\'t cost you more than three dollars!
They need to be translucent, have the color you want, and have cool patterns.
Chappy used this lighting effect in the spoof video of Rick Astley\'s 1987 song never give up on you.
It is called \"reshipment of rickshaw \". Check it out!
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