how to upgrade your place with led home lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-06
Are you looking for effective, functional or decorative lighting for your home?
Or do you just want to save money on your electricity bill?
Either way, you should clearly see the direction of the LED lighting.
LED home lighting is the future, today you can meet a variety of possible lighting needs with energy
Efficient diodes.
When considering the purchase of LED home lighting, the most important thing is to pay attention to the color of the light first.
No, we\'re not talking about purple or green lights, which will undoubtedly look interesting in your kitchen.
We are talking about the color temperature from warm White to neutral and cold white.
Popular options for home lighting are usually around 2700 K and 3000 K, both warm and comfortable.
In the kitchen, normally, when the normal lighting is still warm, the spotlight is selected for a more neutral color temperature.
This way, when the food is boiling, you can have a glass of wine in the kitchen, but when the vegetables are chopped, functional lighting can also be provided.
The essence of our little lecture on color temperature is that you know what you want before you are in the actual buying situation --
It needs to be thoroughly considered.
In addition to considering the color temperature of the house, you now need to decide which type of furniture you want.
Depending on your individual level of ambition, this task can be quite easy and quite difficult.
The simple choice of LED lamps and lanterns lies in the two types of ceiling
Installed lamps and pendants.
These are usually chosen to provide effective general lighting.
When choosing one of these two fixtures, it all depends on your own taste.
The chandelier is available in a variety of styles and is easy to install.
You can choose a loft if you want a clean ceiling
Embedded LED light fixtures.
This installation requires more work, but it is aesthetically rewarding.
But if you really want to impress with LED home lighting, you may have higher difficulties.
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