How to thoroughly clean the zhongshan crystal chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-20
How to thoroughly clean the zhongshan crystal droplight: the use of zhongshan crystal droplight, for it is not only the household adornment, also can give light in the darkness. But with long time, will slowly 'over'. Elegant appearance unavoidably have got a secular 'taste', that how the worldly dust cleaning off? A, zhongshan crystal droplight is also not so weak, you think we can all identify the crystalline light tear open come down to make a thorough clean. To survive in fingerprint, crystal lamps and lanterns should wear white cotton gloves when cleaning crystal lamps and lanterns. Pushes crystal removed, dipped into the container filled with kerosene, then use a toothbrush gently dry crystal appearance, soften the appearance of dust slowly, after reoccupy detergent wash crystal block. In addition, according to the quality of the detailed crystal lamps and lanterns, do differently on running, there are some demand only use anti-static dry cloth wipe the crystal lamps and lanterns of grime. Second, when the zhongshan crystal droplight not dirty can choose suitable crystal lamp cleaner for injection. Crystal lamps and lanterns of choose professional cleaning agent, after spraying the proper purificant in crystal lamps and lanterns, crystal ball or crystal fly ash will be taken away with evaporation of the liquid.
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