how to soften your hands

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-13
Winter is over, summer is coming, I\'m tired of my slow, dry hands!
I believe we all agree that our hands will dry in the winter and it will be futile no matter how much lotion/hand cream is used.
Thankfully, I have some tips that are small enough to be effortless!
It\'s too easy, regular hand softening sessions at home, your hands will thank you.
Sure, we can go to the nail salon every week to do nails, but honestly, why break the bank when you don\'t need it?
Dull skin is the result of accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.
Think about it when your skin shines and you feel like a radiant God (dess)
The same thing applies to your hands too!
These dead skin cells need to be lifted so that fresh, plump skin cells will radiate on the surface for all to see.
The skin is dry because of lack of moisture.
In winter, our weather is hot, the weather is usually dry, and the cold is not helpful, is it?
What we need to do is moisturize our skin. Outside and outside
By drinking a lot of water and water, I mean H2O (
Sorry guys, soda, juice, coffee and energy drinks don\'t work);
Apply our skin with a moisturizer.
I haven\'t been doing it myself for a while, and I\'m surprised I forgot how easy it was, it\'s too fast, so much so that I want to share a beauty solution that I completely forgot to rediscover!
What you need is: hands should be cleaned regularly before exfoliating.
Because I play all kinds of things all day, so I like more
Complete the task in the shower.
I will use my Clarisonic if I have extra time (
With body brush attachment)
And some hand sanitizer.
Dry after clean hands (
If the hands are still a little damp, that\'s fine)
Scoop the right amount of exfoliating into your hands.
Not much scrubbing is needed, so I would suggest allocating the size of about a quarter.
Take a long walk a little bit!
I used my favorite.
Scrub from a basin of white sand ginseng shea butter salt. Tip!
If you like adventure and DIY
When scrubbing, make sure you have a thick paste and anything that is too runny will result in a big mess and there won\'t be much exfoliating.
The consistency of the scrub in the picture is what you want. Start rubbing!
Focus on the palm of your hand, your knuckles and around your nails, with special attention to areas that require a little extra love.
Wipe for about 2 minutes.
Time passed quickly!
Be sure not to use too much pressure or rub for more than 2 minutes at this stage.
Excessive exfoliating will actually take away too much skin and destroy the beautiful skin cells below! Tip!
: If you feel your scrub is a bit too rough/dry for your hands, add a little water at a time until the exfoliating slides comfortably on your hands.
After 2 minutes, wash your hands and dry them.
Now that the hands have softened, it\'s time to nourish those beautiful skin cells that you try to reveal!
About a nickel-
The size of your hand and start putting it in your hands.
Now you can start using some stress and even massage your hands a little, after all, your hands are working hard for you every day.
Work until all the cream is absorbed.
Regular body lotion and oil will also work if you don\'t have hand cream but are eager to give it a try.
Nevertheless, I strongly recommend investing in a hand cream, as it is specially formulated for the hand.
They are usually richer and more moisturized than your regular body wash and you will see some excellent results.
This is a good stop point for a quick fix.
We \'ve fixed the issue of dry skin so your hands should look great now!
To get an extra bonus, make sure your hands are sealed to the silky perfection of the next reading!
Now that our hands are completely wet, it\'s time to seal up and let our hands have the greatest absorption!
Slide 10 on cotton socks, gloves or gloves-15 minutes.
To get the absolute best results, put your hands in your socks or gloves to sleep, and when you wake up in the morning, your hands will feel like silk!
For best results, do the following 1-2 times a week. Soft hands? -DONE.
Most importantly, isn\'t this so easy and fast?
With a maximum of 5 minutes of activity, I believe we can all find 5 minutes to treat our hands with TLC and love the feeling of our hands again!
Please let me know how this works for you and what products you like to use on your hands!
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