How to Shorten a Lighting Fixture Chain

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-31
Due to the long chain provided by the manufacturer, hanging lamps can be installed at any height.Many lamps of this type are installed on the dining table.If replaced with a higher table, the lamp may need to be improved by shortening the chain.Turn off the light of the circuit breaker.Test the wire with a voltage tester to ensure that the wire is not live.Remove the ceiling cover plate of the lamp and disconnect the hot wire, neutral wire and ground wire.Turn the lights down and work on the table.Determine the new length of the chain and the link to the last line.Use two pairs of pliers to gently pry open the link and remove the extra link.The amount of shortened wires is the same as the amount of shortened chains.Peel the end about 1/2.Hang the fixture in the link to close the opening.Connect the wire and install the wire nut.Install the cover plate, then turn on the circuit breaker and test the light.
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