How to Rewire a Ceiling Light

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-08
Ceiling lights that flash or stop working often have wiring problems.This is especially true for old fixtures with fabricInsulated copper wire.If you like this design and want to keep the light fixture, you can rewire it by installing the replacement socket or a pair of sockets found on the power outlet.The socket has complete wiring to connect to the wires on the ceiling where the lamps are installed.Rewiring the ceiling lights will bring you benefitsit-There is a chance for your own enthusiasts to do some basic wiring.Circuit breaker for closing ceiling lamps.Work from the ladder and remove the globe and bulb from the fixture.Usually, the Globe is fixed to the edge of the fixture with three anti-clockwise unreleased thumb screws.Hold the underside of the globe with one hand and loosen the thumb screw to remove the globe.Loosen and remove the thumb screw in the center of the fixture bottom plate, drop the fixture to connect the wiring connection in the ceiling box.If the fixture is connected to the ceiling box with multiple screws instead of thumb screws, loosen the screws a few laps and rotate the base so that the head of the screw is aligned with the holes at the end of each slot in the base, and reduce the fixture.Unscrew the wire nut that holds the end of the lamp to the circuit wire.Separate the ends of each pair of wires.If the light has a ground wire, release the ground screw inside the ceiling box where the wire is connected and unplug the end of the wire from the screw.Remove the original lamp holder assembly from the fixture base.Remove one or more screws to remove the socket assembly, depending on the manufacturer.Save screws.Unplug the Assembly and the connected wires from the base.Connect the replacement single or dual socket assembly to the base.Do this by inserting the end of the wire from the assembly into the opening where the old wire is removed.Then locate the Assembly so that the machining hole of the screw is aligned with the machine hole at the bottom of the lamp.Fix the assembly on the base with the saved screws.Peel off the insulation of 1/2 of the black and white wire end on the socket assembly with a wire clamp.Working from the ladder, connect the end of each wire to a similar colored wire in the ceiling box with a wire nut.Connect the end of the ground wire to the green ground screw in the box.Reconnect the base of the fixture to the ceiling with the original thumb screw or by tightening the screws on the base slot.Install the bulb and reconnect the globe to the base of the lamp by tightening the small thumb screw on the edge of the base.
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