how to replace a fluorescent tube with an etl approved led tube

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-06
While LED lights and fluorescent tubes work in different ways in theory, LED lights are produced to replace fluorescent tubes in similar shapes and measurements.
Under normal circumstances, induction ballasts or electronic ballasts are required to drive fluorescent tubes;
This ballast is not required for LED tubes though.
For example, T8 LED lamp and T12 LED lamp.
In other words, they have different wiring methods.
The circuit structure of the LED light needs to be rewired in practice to replace the fluorescence, which will be very expensive.
Fortunately, although the LED light does not require a ballast, it is compatible with the induction ballast.
To meet safety requirements, almost all ETL approved LED tube products are entered at two pins at one end-
Like an oval tube.
By adding the right shorter LED, these ETL-approved tubes can be replaced by induction-ballast-
Fixtures without rewiring.
In the following sections, an instruction will be introduced to use ETL-approved LED tube lights in induction-ballast-based fixture.
Warning: The following steps must be completed by a qualified electrician. uf06c Risk of fire.
Before replacing, the user must confirm that the LED downlight is suitable for the current fixture.
Any wrong practice can cause a fire.
The risk of electric shock.
The input ratings of LED lights are usually between 100 and 240 Vac.
Keep the power off during replacement.
Required Tools: safety goggles, safety gloves, screwdriver repair: Read the following steps thoroughly before taking action.
Use safety goggles and gloves for protection purposes.
Only for fluorescent tubes working under inductionballast-based fixture.
The starter in the fixture wiring can judge whether it is a type of ballast.
If there is a starter, it may be inductive-ballast-based fixture.
Otherwise, it could be an electron. ballast-based one.
In this case, do not follow the steps below.
The wiring diagram below explains how to connect the input power supply in the fixture of the fluorescent lamp. Instructions. 1.
Power off to ensure there is no risk of electric shock. 2.
Remove the applicable diffuser or cover and remove the fluorescent tube from the fixture. 3.
Find the launcher and replace it with the attached LED shorter. 4.
Install the new LED tube, that is, LED light, according to the wiring diagram in the fixture, as shown below. 5.
Turn on the power to see if the LED light is working properly. 6.
Turn off the power and check the wiring of the fixture again if the LED light is not working.
Please seek technical support if needed.
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