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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-19
How to make the lamp light up your home - Crystal droplight wholesale different areas need different light general bedroom a sitting room, dining-room, study, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, because the area function is different, the light is not the same. Opie platinum Lu Lihua of stylist of adornment company is put forward, according to the functional partition of choose and buy the lamp. From the light source, the sitting room is the place that receive a visitor, require sufficient lighting light source. The bedroom is the place that rest, more intimate, warm lamplight can choose downy light. Dining-room is the place of meals, can bend a little. The study required illuminance is higher. The kitchen light source can choose warm light. Toilet need to create a feeling of clean frank, can install the lamp and dome light is concise. The balcony lamp act the role ofing also calls for more bright and gentle. Different lighting can create a different atmosphere stylist points out, large area of the sitting room is suitable for choose bull droplight, lest appear thin space; Little sitting room may choose to absorb dome light, avoid to cause oppressive feeling. Above the head of a bed bedroom can be embedded tube lamp or wall lamp, can also be embedded in the ark canister light, build space romantic atmosphere. A beautiful crystal lights can be gathered dining-room space, and add luster for the furniture around, collocation of LED downlight can highlight the glossiness of tableware, more make dining a pleasant thing. Kitchen, bathroom lighting, want to consider waterproof performance, study, toilet, the balcony can choose and buy power larger incandescent bulbs, but the lamplight of toilet to downy brightness is enough. Lamp act the role ofing to decorate color photograph designers emphasize, lamp act the role ofing must with bedroom decorate a style to match. Such as strong modern cabinets with metallic look better to shoot the light, classic lamp of the kitchen should be close to the ceiling color, modelling concise; Oval, rectangular table can choose round lamp or light; Instead of little sitting room to choose a larger lamp, appear bright atmosphere, stateroom concise, strong impact force is acted the role of choice, will be refreshing. What need reminds is, crystalline light maintenance is difficult, if not often clean, dusty cannot makeup dot household not only, it became dark. So, the home of crystalline light should pay attention to often clean. Remind: try to disconnect the power when clean the lamp with the improvement of people's living standard, decorate a style to diversification. Consumers on the lamps and lanterns of choose and buy and daily use, need to master a certain sense. First of all, should choose to have the lamps and lanterns of CCC products as far as possible, in order to ensure safety. Then ask professional personnel in strict accordance with the product installation manual for the correct assembly and installation, the use of light source model, power must be consistent with the product rating requirements. On the surface of lamps and lanterns is daily cleaning, the first to disconnect the power supply, then inspect the surface material of different lamps and lanterns to take different ways to clean. Such as in after plating processing or chemical treatment of metal material surface, cannot be used with corrosive cleaners and a wet towel to clean, dry towel or cotton cloth should be used. To clean lamps and lanterns on the glass, the glass shall be removed from the lamps and lanterns, into the appropriate cleaner water, wash with clean cotton cloth after dry water damage, in order to avoid leaving the water in the glass, affect beautiful. When change the light source, pay attention to the first power to cool. Generally in the instruction of the manufacturer of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns has obviously the biggest limit of light source, consumers should pay attention to choose less than or equal to the maximum limit of light source. Related searches: crystal droplight, European style crystal droplight, zhongshan lighting factory details, please login: http://www. zsgzyw。 com
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