how to make light features on gypsum ceiling

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-07
The ceiling light can be placed in different positions of the room.
The normal area is located at the center point of the room.
In the living room, lighting needs to change over time.
After the meal, you can create a quiet environment.
This is achieved by using the different locations of the lamps.
Ceiling lamps can be exposed, recessed or hung normally.
Lighting can also be enhanced using color bulbs.
When using different lamps, it is important to save electricity.
Gypsum ceilings can be formed to accommodate different points of the lamp.
A straight fluorescent tube is usually placed on the edge of the ceiling and wall.
A lighter can be placed in four corners of the room.
In order to get different lighting effects in the room, the ceiling is designed to allow a hollow place to install fixtures.
The wiring is normal but the switch is different.
The dimmer switch can also be used to enhance the lighting effect of the room.
First identify the light characteristic points on the gypsum ceiling.
The recessed point is formed by cutting the gypsum board.
There is a 1 by 3 feet hole in the corner of the room.
This interval is 5 feet.
The curved shape of the ceiling allows for grooves.
The depth of this hole is 1 feet.
A gypsum hollow box is formed.
It is 3 feet long.
The electrical conduit is placed at the groove point.
Wiring can also be done from room control points.
After the plaster recess is completed, the down lighter point is drilled to the flat ceiling.
This is used to supplement the fluorescent lamp.
Then the plaster was finished and two coats were applied.
The tube lamp is then installed and fixed in the groove.
The down lighter is also fixed on the ceiling and tilted at the desired angle.
Once all the fixtures are in place and tested, the final drawing is done.
The grooves can also be painted in a different color than the ceiling to increase the aesthetic feeling of the lighting.
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