How to maintain all-copper chandeliers in daily use?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-03
Q: After installing the all-copper chandelier, how should we maintain the all-copper chandelier in daily use? Answer: 1. Before installing the all-copper chandelier, please wax the metal part of the all-copper chandelier. On the one hand, the wax can fill the pores of the copper material, prevent it from forming convection with the air, and delay its aging. On the other hand, it can make the all-copper chandelier look more textured. 2. After installing the complete copper chandelier, it is generally recommended to clean it every two months. Please disconnect the lamp before cleaning it. In order to avoid unnecessary accidents. Then carefully remove easily falling accessories such as lampshades. 3. When cleaning the dust on the surface of the all-copper chandelier, wipe it gently with dry cloth or semi-dry cloth strips. It is forbidden to clean the lamps with alcohol, Tianshui or other chemical materials. After the cleaning is completed, the metal part of the lamp body is still waxed. 4. The dust on the lampshade of the all-copper chandelier can be gently tapped with rags, and the dirt inside the lampshade can be gently erased with rags or erasers (Bu deng zhao ban water cleaning). 5. When the copper part of the all-copper chandelier looks dark black or has a layer of rust spot like iron on its surface, it indicates that the coating on the surface of the copper has begun to fall off. Please don't be surprised. You can ask a professional to remove the lamp and polish the metal with Tianna water and fine sand cloth of about 1000 mesh. After the completion, dry it, then apply the home varnish.
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