How to judge whether all-copper outdoor wall lamps are waterproof?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-03
All-copper outdoor wall lamp is an indispensable lamp for Villa home decoration. However, waterproof has become a top priority for this lamp, which is often weather-beaten outdoors. The structure of all-copper outdoor wall lamp should adapt to the environment of the installation site. If it is installed in a semi-open balcony or an area such as an outer corridor corridor, the semi-closed one can be selected. If it is installed in a completely open-air place, it depends on whether the selected style is a completely closed design. The fully enclosed design of the all-copper outdoor wall lamp can be very waterproof, mosquito-proof and dust-proof. In addition, as the lamps have been tested by wind and rain for a long time, the requirements of all-copper outdoor wall lamps for rust prevention technology will be relatively high. Therefore, to judge whether the all-copper outdoor wall lamp is waterproof, one is to look at the structural design of the lamp, but at its antirust process.
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