How to judge the quality of all copper lamps and copper lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-04
The coloring of all-copper lamps is different from the two methods of coloring lamps seen in daily life. One is painting. The other is electroplating. Visually speaking, the coloring of all-copper lamps is similar to the electroplating coloring of metals, but there are essential differences between the two. All copper lamp coloring plays two roles. One is to make the lamp body look more beautiful and more classical. In addition, a protective film is formed on the surface of the all-copper lamp to avoid premature oxidation caused by contact between the surface of the all-copper lamp and air. As far as the coloring of all-copper lamps is concerned, it is a subject of chemical application, and there is much more emphasis on it. However, compared with electroplating coloring, the coloring of all-copper lamps is relatively simple, because the colors commonly made in China are nothing more than bronze, black and dark brown. The key is that the chemical treatment method is different, and the quality of all copper lamps is also different, which can be seen from the color. Take bronze as an example: the closer to natural bronze, the better, and the stronger the surface texture through copper, the better. It is worth emphasizing that there are many articles in the process of making bronze. Although they are all called bronze, they are also divided into many kinds according to different color differences. Even bronze with similar colors is divided into more than ten kinds, the price of surface treatment is also very different, from 60 yuan/square meter to 400 yuan/square meter. The price in sequence is generally from high to low, and the cost difference is very large, sucker countless (This is the degree). There are many professional problems here, because they are too complicated, so we can't introduce them one by one here. I can only tell you a simple way to roughly distinguish the coloring of all-copper lamps: Method 1: observe with naked eyes 1. Observe the surface if there are small irregular lines on the surface of the lamp body or accessories (Like real bronze)The closer you are, the better. 2. Discoloration, observing the lamp body, it is found that the same accessory of the all-copper lamp has different shades, indicating that the post-process treatment failed to follow the steps and methods. 3. Pantothenic acid, looking from the surface of the all-copper lamp to the deep layer, found that the surface of the metal material has color spots, which is also the reason, indicating that after copper is cleaned by acid mixed solution, the acid residue was not cleaned, resulting in a chemical reaction with copper. From the surface, there are a little marks similar to rust. In serious cases, all copper lamps will be very ugly. Method 2: simple test. 1. Apply 5% hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid solution to the surface of the lamp body. If the surface coating of the all-copper lamp does not change within 8 hours, it means that this is a qualified all-copper lamp. 2, take 50 grams of salt, add 500 grams of water, and then take one of the accessories of the copper lamp, completely immersed in salt water. After 12 hours, the surface has not changed, indicating that the surface treatment of this all-copper lamp is in place.
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