how to install heavy light fixtures

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-07
The basic rule when installing a fixture is that a normal round ceiling box can support up to 50-
The pound light fixture, while the heavier light must be directly attached to a sturdy stand.
However, it is better to stay safe and avoid possible injury or litigation, as well as damaging the light by hanging a lamp weighing more than 25 pounds from a dedicated fan holder, instead of hanging from a normal ceiling box.
Follow the steps below to see how it is done.
Use a hammer or stud finder to find the ceiling support beam near the location where you want to install the fan.
Place the electric box on the fan holder on the ceiling between the beams and track the profile.
Cut the profile with a drywall saw.
Power off the lighting circuit and connect the cable to the hole (if necessary).
Insert the bracket into the hole, unscrew the screw and extend it to the end tooth to sink into the ceiling support beam.
Remove an elimination machine from the electric box, pull the cable through, then place the electric box on the ceiling and screw it onto the bracket.
Wiring the lamp according to the manufacturer\'s instructions and fixing it on the electric box.
Power back on.
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