How to install all copper lamps reasonably and refuse 'light pollution'

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-03
In recent years, many families often neglect reasonable lighting needs when choosing all-copper lamps and light sources. Design the lights into colorful colors for romance and luxury. Light pollution is the main cause of myopia. Colorful lights not only do great harm to human vision, but also interfere with the function of the central nervous system of the brain. Light pollution has a greater impact on infants and children. Strong light will weaken the vision of infants and affect the vision development of children. Health experts believe that the main cause of myopia is the visual environment, not the habit of using eyes. Create an environmentally friendly, healthy, energy-saving and comfortable green light environment; In addition to the principles of beauty, safety and economy, the following functional requirements should also be considered. Q: So how do we reasonably install all copper lamps? Answer: choose different lighting methods and all-copper lamps according to different spaces, different occasions and different objects. And ensure proper illuminance and brightness. For example, the bedroom should be warm, the study and kitchen should be bright and practical, and the bathroom should be warm and soft. The light should not be bright and dark, and the requirements should be coordinated. When selecting and designing lights and all-copper lamps, one should consider the coordination of lighting and furniture. The purchase of lighting should consider the harmonious matching with the interior decoration style and furniture style. The color, shape and style of all-copper lamps must correspond to the style of interior decoration and furniture. Flashy of lighting not only can't icing on the cake but superfluous. The second is to pay attention to the coordination between the full copper lamp and the living room space size, total area, indoor height and other conditions. Select the size, type and number of all copper lamps. The third is to pay attention to the coordination of colors, that is, cold colors and warm colors, depending on the use.
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