How to do hotel lamps and lanterns customization project?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-27
- - - - - - - - - - - - Lamps and lanterns project is the largest sales channel dealers. First, to get the project related materials, including location, setup time, investors, to set up the party, and units by the designer as one second, to understand each other's needs, as well as the focus of the demand, is the price, or brand, or the elements of a third, fourth, make it clear who the main decision maker to do a good job of public relations, and find the break mouth fifth, making contracts to rigorous, especially the price, delivery, maintenance, about the payment. Sixth, follow up project's later work, make the payments and maintenance every dealer in the market to do the project well! Everything is hard in the beginning, so dealers do engineering. Huasheng thought of light, to do the project is a process, is the most important thing is the connections, the marketing manager, product characteristics, the company integrity, after-sales service, return home, and so on, actually dealers every single project is very important, don't know you don't understand the information transmission of text messaging on mobile phones. Some dealers do engineering is like, from a small single can do hundreds of projects, or even thousand project list, it is possible. Lamps and lanterns of hotel project operating conditions the first step to contact engineering information including, construction conditions, CAD figure, facade CAD figure, decorate a CAD drawing, decoration) The position of the specific request of lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns device; , designers thoughts ( Style, design thoughts, with light communication) Location, architectural and urban culture in the second step according to the understanding of the engineering information to stop lighting budget reference elements, and the size of the space, the proportion of the doors and Windows, lamps and lanterns device location and lamp pool; The status of the, the interior decoration material, the color; Intensity of illumination request, lamps and lanterns device area; The third step based on the data from step 1, 2, configuration of lamps and lanterns collocation plan book, the content including the styles of lamps and lanterns ( A variety of alternative plans) The stationing, cable assembly, lamps and lanterns, embedded device, device; Also includes the capital budget, power and daily expenses budget; And to the on-site investigation of the specifications of the lamps and lanterns and device; And the separation of the technology and the consumption of lamps and lanterns department can stop communication to carry out the selection of lamps and lanterns can get performance; And negotiate with the owner or decorate team device requests can be supported and is indeed; , as the crystalline light, banquet hall, crystal lamps and lanterns is beyond meters high from the air, at the bottom of the initiative protection invisible defend the net or disguise parts of lamps and lanterns, increase coefficient of peace; Step 4 lamps and lanterns collocation program book to submit and get the ultimate confirmation; Step 5 lamps and lanterns with lamp cost report, submit to party a to sign; Step 6 follow up consumption, to ensure the implementation of lamps and lanterns of feature requests; And follow up the progress of the consumption of lamps and lanterns, ensure delivery to achieve; And follow up the entrust of lamps and lanterns, to ensure the safe transportation with complete accessories; Step 7 to follow the installation and debugging of lamps and lanterns; Step 8 completion report, listing for final cost; Step 9 party b on-site audit, settlement; Step 10 depending on the practical conditions to stop the maintenance of the service; Ordinary maintenance, including lamps using professional knowledge training; Entrusted to the spare parts of lamps and lanterns, and guide the change plan; , regular follow-up and record the using condition of lamps and lanterns, completes the prevention work; Step 11 regular maintenance contract signed between; As follows, maintenance cycle the common for one year cycle; , maintenance, including the whole lamp clean, safe/electric circuit inspection, change, local appearance parts, adjustment, etc. ; , operation time in ordinary but great influence normal closed under the condition of operation; And acceptance and settlement; Want to do a good job in hotel lighting project, we be honest, office to integrity. Because now in the society when many, cause & other; Good faith throughout the &; Use the phrase as spoken, no practical action, as a businessman, should take the good faith as a practical action, but truly sincere company is more and more, about the reward, is also a key to do business all want to have a lot of old customers, has made a few businessmen who care for them? As a businessman should to grasp the good old customer, observe a festival can send a message to congratulate them, earn the money to do some gift to send them, at the same time also can help businesses I do propaganda, deepen their impression of merchants. The project has to do is in the assistance.
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