How to discern the stand or fall of crystal

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-28
- - - - - - - - - - - - First, the classification of the crystalline light. Crystal lamp, crystal sand, crystal candle light, crystal absorb dome light, crystal wall lamp, crystal lamp, crystal lamp. Fixed droplight, absorb dome light, table lamp and floor lamp, wall lamp mobile 2, discern the stand or fall of crystal. Touch, high-grade crystal sharp edges and corners, the medium crystal feels very smooth; 。 Anti-fake mark; 。 Number of high-grade crystal cut, Egypt and domestic surface; 。 Look, cape whether alignment, high-grade crystal ball on the surface of the cutting Angle is very alignment, Egypt and domestic appeared deviation cannot be aligned. See a hole location, quality, even, smooth and neat, other brands uneven size, surface roughness. Transparency, refraction is strong; 。 DianDian weight. High-grade lead content is more than %, upscale feel heavy, low light feel. Three, the knowledge of crystal. The chemical composition of crystal is mainly silicon dioxide. The diopter crystal depends on the content of lead oxide ( ≤ Swarovski % for the ball, & le; % for Egypt ball & le; % % ~ for domestic level 1 ball, & le; % % ~ for domestic secondary ball) Lead oxide containing its luster, the more the more colorful, the heavier weight. 。 Not within the higher the purity of the crystal, crystal, bubble and impurities, water ripple, and glittering and translucent connect fully, more can produce the best optical performance, make through the light reflects the color and uniform and concentrated color spectrum ( Rainbow) 。 。 High quality crystal products, will be leaded crystal, lead oxide not less than thirty percent, is a kind of pure raw materials, can send out a flashing bright colour. 。 The world's first light crystal droplight, was born at & other; Romantic & throughout; The French. Currently imported crystal is mainly produced in Austria and Egypt. ( Now industry in accordance with the standards of lead to distinguish) 。 Austria swarovski brand is the crystalline light of acura, another brand as the swarovski strauss. SPECTR crystal accessories, to use the high quality product. 。 Swarovski has been famous in the world since the year of cutting crystal manufacturers. 。 Crystal origin) Domestic mainly concentrated in zhejiang, high boron glass tube is produced in yancheng, jiangsu province, wuxi. 。 ) Imports of Egypt, Austria ( Company) Crystal crystal crystal company, Egypt, domestic crystal. Crystal shape classification pear-shaped, dragon boat rods, PND tail-on, maple leaf slice, crystal ball, octagonal beads, beetle, diamond, crystal pendant, pineapple square beads, beads, heart-shaped, net form, beads, arrow, article pointed, bracket, heart, eggs, frogs pills. 。 Crystal ball is commonly used to # and # ball, crystal wind vane is inch, more commonly used. ', ',. Inches, common crystal octagon beads to #, pineapple crystal beads to # and #.
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