How to create a beautiful glass solder lamp?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-05
With the continuous improvement of the economy and the continuous construction of high-grade places and houses, most of the people live in high-grade buildings and rich houses. Glass solder lamps are classical yet luxurious, decorated with thousands of places, creating a rich and romantic atmosphere, has become the decoration of most home lighting. The main metal material of the glass solder lamp is copper. The copper wire has good performance and will generate a lot of heat during the welding process, and the heat dissipation of copper is also better. Then snooker Meiju explained the production operation of glass solder lamp and tin lamp technology with 18 years of all-copper experience. The first step of glass solder lamp-- The steel strip is made into a groove, and the purpose is to card the glass. According to the growth of the glass, the corresponding vacancy is made on the copper strip. There are two main cores here. 1. Radian machine: the steel bar formed in front of the machine is straight. Due to the different radian of glass, it is necessary to quickly form an arc through the operation of this mold ( The radian of the copper strip made by the lonely machine cannot be consistent with the radian of the glass, resulting in the appearance of the lamp, such as overturning, discount, wrinkling, etc) 2. Roller: it has the same function as the arc machine, but another advantage of the roller is to prevent discount, wrinkling and eversion during the arc forming process. ( With the newly introduced roller technology, the radian of the copper strip is consistent with the radian of the glass). The second step of glass solder lamp-- Polishing, from the initial polishing to the fine polishing, the newly polished accessories have heat and hand burrs need to be touched with gloves, using one-time polishing, and always adhere to the principle of 3 times polishing, after the initial polishing, the surface of the lamp is smooth and bright. The third step of glass solder lamp-- Wrap the glass, put the formed steel bar and put the glass into the copper strip slot. Step 4 of glass solder lamp-- Solder uses lead-free and environmentally friendly tin strips to ensure that our lamps are safe and environmentally friendly. The solder core is 0. 5 CM, is a very technical process, this operator is through 3- For 5 years of professional training, the wrapped glass solder is spliced into a whole lampshade. Step 5 of glass solder lamp-- Color treatment, after degreasing solution, remove the oily substance on the surface of the lamp, then blacken after washing with Luo Gan water and sulfuric acid and clean the substance on the surface of the lamp, because some copper parts, in particular, many sand holes in the sand-Turning parts contain some acids. We use ultrasonic technology to put the lamps in the cashier and vibrate the acidic substances in the lamps through vibrators, this is to form a protective film for the lamp to prevent the lamp from oxidizing and blackening due to contact with the space during use. Such technology extends the service life of lamps. Step 6 of glass solder lamp-- The common color of rubbing bronze is the color that has been manually wiped out. Step 7 of glass solder lamp-- After the color of the sealing oil is made, it is dried by the machine at high temperature, then sprayed and then dried. The sealing oil can make the surface of the copper parts more shiny and beautiful. The sealing oil also reduces the direct contact between the surface of the lamp and the space, and also prolongs the service life of the copper parts. Step 8 of glass solder lamp-- Manual oiling is not allowed to have oil on the glass lampshade. Some small copper pieces on the glass edge of the lampshade need to be manually drawn. Step 9 of glass solder lamp-- Gold tracing and gold tracing decorations are all depicted by hand. The operation steps of gold water are relatively simple. The manual operation method is to dip gold tracing pen into gold water to depict patterns according to the decorative parts, edge them, spread gold ground or use them in combination with other ornaments. (Often made of black paint)The tenth step of glass solder lamp-- Inspection, assemble the produced accessories into the whole lamp, and conduct lighting test, grounding Test and high voltage test in strict accordance with the national 3C certification standard after assembling the whole lamp. Glass han xi deng 11th step-- Packaging, every lamp, the factory will strictly do a good job of packaging, and make a wooden frame on the outer box, because packaging is related to the safety of lamps in transportation.
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