How to correctly purchase engineering lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-04
Many units have undertaken some projects and need a large number of lamps. They are always at a loss when looking for lamp manufacturers. There are basic standards for the styles of general engineering lamps, and party A will clearly inform them. So tangled is the price problem, this one has a look, that one has a comparison, it is really not a problem of shop around. So what kind of manufacturer should I look for for this kind of engineering lamps? Today, Xiao Bian will say a few points for everyone. 1. To understand the copper lamp market, first of all, to have a basic understanding of the copper lamp market. Analyze the general situation of copper lamps in the market now, such as the price of copper lamps in the market, so that you can have a basic control when comparing prices. For engineering lamps, budget control is a major focus. 2. To have a full understanding of the manufacturer. As we all know, the number of engineering lamps is relatively large and the requirements are strict. Therefore, when looking for a manufacturer, you must do your homework. For example, when did the manufacturer you chose build the factory? What is the size of the factory? What are the advantages of the factory? What achievements have you made in the past? Have you ever accepted a similar list? And so on are all aspects that need to be understood. These materials can be found online. 3. Customized Engineering lamps should be provided with detailed information. If the engineering lamps you choose are not the manufacturer's regular ones, you can consider these two solutions. First, choose the most similar style of the manufacturer and the lamps you require. After all, the conventional lamps are in production, and the shipping time can be shortened. There is also the conventional model does not need to re-open the mold, saving costs, then the price will not be too high, because the separate customization will take into account the problem of mold opening, there will be an increase in mold costs. Second, if you have to customize, you should give the manufacturer all the specific data information, so that it is convenient for the designer to map, you can accurately meet the requirements you want, avoid unnecessary troubles in the later period because they do not meet the requirements. Do you know about the purchase of engineering lamps?
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