How to clean and maintain the crystal on the all-copper chandelier?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-24
Many customers prefer the style with crystal decoration when purchasing all-copper chandeliers. They feel that the all-copper chandeliers with crystals are bright and beautiful. However, after a long time, it was found that cleaning became a problem. The dust on the crystal of the chandelier not only affected the beauty of the lamp, but also affected the refractive index of the crystal, so how to clean and maintain the crystal on the all-copper chandelier? 1. After purchasing a special crystal lamp cleaning agent and spraying a proper amount of cleaning agent on the crystal ornament, the floating dust of the crystal ball or crystal sheet will be taken away with the evaporation of the liquid. 2. The crystals can be removed one by one, immersed in a container containing kerosene, and then the crystal appearance can be lightly wiped with a toothbrush. After the dust on the appearance slowly softens, the crystal block can be washed with washing powder. In addition, according to the quality of the detailed crystal, it is treated differently in the care. Some only need to use the anti-static dry cloth to erase the dust on the crystal. To avoid leaving fingerprints on the crystal, wear white cotton gloves when cleaning the crystal. 3, the other most direct way is to let the professional cleaning lamp master clean and maintain.
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