How to choose the mirror headlights for decoration strategy?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-12
Mirror headlight is a lamp installed on a dressing mirror or a bathroom mirror. Its function is to clear the person who looks at the mirror, making it easier for the person looking at the mirror to see himself clearly. However, many people are unfamiliar with the mirror headlights. When it comes to choosing the mirror headlights, it is difficult. I don't know how to choose them. Let's listen to the small Editor and tell you. According to different installation positions, it can be divided; Cosmetic mirror headlights, bathroom mirror headlights, bathroom mirror headlights, etc. Pay attention to the same style when choosing mirror headlights. The color, shape and style of mirror headlights must be matched with the style of interior decoration and furniture. Choose the Mirror front light, mainly to see its lighting effect, that is, the effect of the light after the light is turned on. The mirror headlights should be integrated with the overall style of the bathroom. Whether it is a simple Chinese style, a nostalgic European style, or a classic American pastoral style, it can be reflected by light and shadow, let people enjoy the beauty of lighting. Therefore, for the lighting in front of the dressing mirror, the color can be matched according to the style of the bedroom, which is more casual. For mirror headlights in bathrooms, mirror headlights with anti-fog function are generally selected. The mirror headlights of the toilet can be directly matched with the decoration style.
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