How to choose all-copper lamps in hotel restaurants?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-06
Hotel lighting not only simply illuminates the space, but also needs art, stories and fairy tales. In hotel lighting design, it is an essential ornament. Without lighting decoration, it is not only a loss of an ornament, but also a lack of necessities to highlight the texture of the hotel. Whether it is a tourist resort hotel or a business hotel, creating a cordial, warm and friendly atmosphere is the common appeal of the hotel. Today, the magnificent, luxurious, retro, elegant and atmospheric copper lamps are now recognized by people, and lighting can strengthen the image and characteristics of the hotel, therefore, all-copper lamps have been paid attention to in the hotel lighting design, and the hotel has paid much attention to the choice of lighting in the lobby or restaurant. The following is an explanation of the choice of all-copper lamps in hotel restaurants: in the choice of hotel lighting should be carefully selected, although some lighting gives people the feeling of luxury but not with the room or not, and often hotels usually use all copper lamps, at the same time, all-copper lamps are also important lighting for advanced decoration. Choosing a good all-copper lamp will play a finishing role. When you buy, you should also follow the style of the hotel's soft design. The perfect combination can highlight the grade of the restaurant. However, in order to achieve the atmosphere effect required by the soft decoration of the hotel restaurant, the hotel restaurant can use all-copper lamps to choose chandeliers, and the lamps cannot be installed too high, just on The View line of the diner. For rectangular dining tables, the installation of all-copper lamps should have a light light and shade regulator and a lifting function, so as to be used for other work. Chinese food pays attention to color, aroma, taste and shape, and often needs bright warm colors, when enjoying Western food, if the light is slightly darker and softer, it can create a romantic atmosphere. Because the hotel is a public place, there are more people coming in and out every day. When purchasing lighting, we must pay attention to safety. When choosing all-copper lamps, we should not blindly take advantage of cheap prices, but first look at their quality, check whether the warranty and certificate are complete. Expensive is not necessarily good, but too cheap may be bad. Many cheap lights are not of good quality, and there are often hidden dangers. In the event of a fire, the consequences are unimaginable.
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