How to choose a suitable lamps and lanterns?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-25
How to choose a suitable lamps and lanterns? 0 - - - - - - - 0 selected lamp lighting in addition to illuminate the space according to region, and dividing area well, the role of the foil atmosphere, through the different multiple lights lighting light color, shape and combination, can foil bedroom atmosphere, grace for the bedroom to decorate, so, when choosing lamp act the role ofing, don't forget to functional area. Sitting room: the sitting room is the place that treats people meet guest, need to build a warm warm atmosphere, can select bright, richly lamps and lanterns, general is given priority to with droplight, absorb dome light, wall lamp. The desk lamp of different styles not only adornment sex is strong, and can be mobile, according to illumination need to adjust, easy to use, and beneficial to eyesight. Bookcase can be installed within a single small shoot the light, this kind of lighting is not only helps to identify the title, still can keep the temperature, prevent books damp rot. Families choose lamp act the role ofing, choose their favorite can, with the current space. Engineering lighting choice, can also be roughly according to the space, material, purpose, style will distinguish, crystal lamp, sheepskin lamp, metal lamp, heterosexual lamp ( According to the design of custom-made) modelling Etc. , good lighting, give a person the enjoyment on the vision not abrupt, reasonable collocation, different place, space, build the atmosphere each has his strong point, bright meijia welcome to figure custom, meet your imagination! A: how about the lamps and lanterns of radium shoots the light, durable? Next article: rectangle crystal droplight is suitable for installation in the countryside in the living room? Product recommendations
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