How to choose a family chandelier? Precautions for purchasing chandelier?

by:EME LIGHTING     2021-03-22
How to choose a family chandelier; first look at what style of house you are in, and then choose a suitable family chandelier according to the decoration style of the house. Otherwise, even if the choice is more beautiful, if it is not suitable for the style of the house, it will It would be counterproductive. The light source is the heart of the lamp, so the choice of light source is very important. There are many kinds of light sources, but the corresponding lighting effects of lamps are also different, such as incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, LED lamps and fluorescent lamps. How much is the price of a family chandelier? How much is the price of a family chandelier? The chandelier is hung on a pole, chain or tube. The chandelier needs to be selected according to the height of the room and the decoration style of the house. What is the style of the house? You don’t need too many lamps in a room. Generally, you only need to install a hanging in the living room. Precautions for the purchase of chandelier 1. The height of the lighting; when we buy the chandelier, we first need to consider the height of the lighting. The height of the chandelier should not be less than 2.2m. 2. The surface of the lighting; usually the surface of the chandelier will be electroplated, spray painted and other surface treatments, so we need to check carefully when purchasing to see if there are defects in the adhesion of the surface of the chandelier and the surface of the hardware. 3. Hardware accessories: The hardware accessories of the chandelier are related to the service life of the chandelier, so we need to pay attention to whether the hardware surface of the chandelier has blackening, rust, dirt and other defects when purchasing.
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