how to choose a chandelier or pendant

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-10
The chandelier is one of the most beautiful and elegant lighting forms.
Color glass chandeliers or pendants of the right type and size can add a whole new dimension to the room.
The chandeliers and pendants are all lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling.
The chandelier has many arms and bulbs.
The pendant usually has only one lampshade and one light bulb.
The size of the room determines which one to use.
The colorful glass chandelier in the restaurant traditionally adds an atmosphere to the dining experience by hanging the chandelier in the restaurant.
Chandeliers and pendants work best with dimmers in the dining area.
You can control the relaxed mood, from the official dinner of the country to the intimate dinner of two people, and every emotion in.
The use of chandeliers and chandeliers in Foyers & lob foyers and chandeliers in lobbies has become very popular in this century, depending on the size of your lobby or foyer chandelier or chandelier is the perfect way to provide ambient lighting to greet guests and ensure safe access to other areas of your home.
Bedroom, family room and kitchen recently, chandeliers and pendants appear in other rooms of the house, including bedroom, kitchen, family room and bathroom.
You can use chandeliers and pendants with light bulbs in their shades designed for well-lit gaming tables, homework areas, kitchen islands or accent desktop settings.
The chandelier is facing up on the front, reducing glare and providing artistic elements and emotional lighting for the room.
In order for the chandelier lighting to have a correct effect on the room and its decoration, the lights must be hung up correctly.
Here are some tips when hanging the Lantern: The chandelier hanging in the dining room should hang in the middle of the dining table and room.
It\'s better to buy a chandelier about 1 feet smaller than the width of the table.
The bottom of the chandelier should be 30-
Above the table 34 inch.
The stained glass chandelier has multiple bulbs that make it easy to emit a lot of light and heat.
The amount of lighting required for the restaurant is based on the following formula: length X width X 1. 5.
If a room is 12X15 then you need to generate a total of about 270 watts of light bulbs.
Chandelier with 6-
The 40 Watt is most likely to provide adequate lighting, especially if there are additions to wall lights, buffet lights or other fixtures.
When choosing a chandelier for a foyer or other room, choose a chandelier or pendant for another room, remember the length and width of the room.
Generally, the size and height of the room determine the size of the chandelier or pendant.
Measure the length and width of the room and add up the numbers, rounded to the nearest foot.
For example, if your room is 14\' long and 10 \'wide, the result is 24 \'.
Your chandelier or pendant should be 24 inch in diameter and hanging high enough to clean up a tall head.
The dimmer should control the chandelier or pendant.
Make sure the dimmer works with the type of bulb you are using.
Incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and halogen lamps all need specially designed dimmers.
You may want to hide the wire or chain of the chandelier or pendant with some decorative fabric sleeves.
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