How to buy kitchen copper lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-07
A few days ago, a customer was a whole home improvement. He wanted to choose a full copper lamp suitable for kitchen use, but he did not know how to choose it. In fact, the kitchen is more dangerous than other spaces. For example, cooking and cutting vegetables are all dangerous, so it must not be too dazzling. So how to buy practical kitchen copper lamps? The following small series for everyone to answer one by one. First, the safety angle, when installing the kitchen copper lamp, the installation place should be as far away from the stove as possible, do not let them be directly smoked by gas, water vapor, etc. Second, the brightness, because it involves a lot of complicated and dangerous work in the cooking process, so choose the full copper lamp for the kitchen to try to choose a brighter one, to avoid unnecessary danger caused by insufficient brightness, in addition, higher brightness can also play a very good role in protecting eyes. Third, in the design, the combination of overall Foundation and local supplement can be adopted, and the overall brightness can be ensured by using a high-power all-copper ceiling lamp, then according to the arrangement and layout of the kitchen furniture and stove, choose all-copper wall lamp for local lighting and all-copper chandelier with adjustable height to take care of the lighting of the working face, and install a range hood with working lamp, if conditions permit, the storage cabinet can be equipped with lighting lamps in the cabinet to ensure that there is sufficient light in the working surface, dining table, washing table, corners, etc. involved in the operation in the kitchen.
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