How to buy European copper lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-03
European-style copper lamp is the lighting product whose main material is copper. It is a lighting with European and American cultural characteristics. Copper lamps are favored by small consumers with taste for their stable and atmospheric appearance and exquisite workmanship. So, how to buy European copper lamps? We can sum up as follows: one look, two touches, three listens and four scratches. A look: look at the surface, look at the color, look at the work. Look at the surface: the surface treatment process of high-quality copper lamps is complicated, and each process has its own value. A layer of protective film is attached to the surface evenly and densely. This fine protective film can not only isolate the air and prevent the copper surface from being oxidized, but also increase the gloss of the copper surface to make it more beautiful. Look at the color: the surface treatment of most copper lamps is polished, sealed, and coated, showing the original color. In order to create more colorful colors on the surface of some copper lamps, we will carry out some special treatments on it, such as red bronze, Cyan bronze and even black. So what is special about the color treatment of high-quality copper lamps? The color of a good copper lamp body is natural and smooth. Except for the highlights, there is no color spot, the color is consistent and uniform, the color is firm, and it is not easy to fade and fall. Due to the filming, it is extremely difficult to produce oxidation. Look at the Workmanship: the workmanship of high-quality copper lamps, whether it is a large area of the lamp body outline, or a small range of local carvings, a petal, a crescent, can be said to be silky, seamless, all reflect the ingenuity of the skillful craftsman. Second touch: after touching the surface and seeing the appearance, if this copper lamp can still satisfy you, we can proceed to the next step and touch the surface of the copper lamp, the surface of a good copper lamp has been carefully polished. There are no burrs and places that can make your hands uncomfortable. It can be said that anything you can touch by hand must be smooth, round and reveal the unique cool feeling of copper. Three listening: listening to the sound, listening to the sound, is also one of the methods to identify the pros and cons of copper lamps. The sound of a good copper lamp is either thick and deep, or clear and sweet. Their common feature is that the sound is clean and there is no noise. The inferior copper lamps are erratic, hollow and noisy. Four scraping: after scraping the surface and listening to the sound, if possible, we can also directly identify it by cutting, which is also the most effective method. Use a small knife or a small file to gently scrape the whole copper lamp in a place where it is not the appearance to see what color the scraped fine chips are. If it is golden yellow or golden White, then more than 99% is a pure copper lamp. If the scraps are white or silver, then more than 99% is not pure copper. Finally, one point is that no matter how good the copper material used in this copper lamp is, the main load-bearing parts of this lamp, such as the center pillar, the lamp drum and other parts, still steel or other alloy materials. The reason is very simple, generally copper discomfort.
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