How to buy all-copper chandeliers in the hotel lobby?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-03
Chandeliers are one of the most important lamps in hotel lobby lamps. Nowadays, all-copper chandeliers are becoming more and more popular and are the choice of many hotel lobby chandeliers, so how to buy a copper chandelier that matches the hotel? First, according to the hotel's decoration style: there are many styles of all-copper chandeliers, which should be purchased according to the hotel's style, so that the chandeliers match the entire lobby environment, proper combination can highlight the grade of the hotel. Second, the quality of all-copper chandeliers: when purchasing all-copper chandeliers, you should first look at the logo, depending on the trademark, model, rated voltage, rated power and other information. Marking safety is the basic requirement for the safety performance of lamps, of which the rated power is particularly important. If the power of the selected all-copper chandelier exceeds the standard, it may cause problems such as Shell deformation and insulation layer damage. III. The structure and material of the load-bearing bracket of the all-copper chandelier: the chandelier in the hotel lobby is often large in size and gorgeous in shape. When purchasing, attention should be paid to whether the structure and material of the load-bearing bracket are commensurate with the weight of the lamp, the structure of the bracket should be adapted to the shape of the lamp, and each part should be stressed evenly. The cross-sectional area of the bracket component should be sufficient to support the weight of each part of the chandelier and the total weight of the lamp.
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