How to build a new Chinese-style all-copper chandelier to look good?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-25
The distinctive feature of the new Chinese-style all-copper chandelier is harmony. The combination of this style of lamps and lanterns with the new era makes the traditional Chinese elements and modern materials ingenious and soft, refining and enriching the classic elements gives people the feeling of calmness and generosity. Generally speaking, the simple new Chinese style of decoration and the new Chinese style of all-copper chandeliers are the best match. For the new Chinese style of decoration, the general furniture is equipped with mahogany. Matching the new Chinese style of all-copper chandeliers will make the home look more refined, there are cultural connotations. The new Chinese-style all-copper chandelier with frosted glass lampshade has soft light, warm color tone, black back pattern and deep lasting appeal. It is more suitable for living room or study, giving people a quiet and warm feeling. Plum blossom is a famous traditional Chinese flower. It is not only elegant and elegant, but also praised by ancient and modern poets and painters. It is also praised by the world as the essence of the nation. How can it be missing in the new Chinese lighting elements? This new Chinese-style all-copper chandelier is very heavy. The lamp arm is finely carved with plum blossoms for decoration. The plum blossom pattern is vivid, it is perfect to match the whole set of mahogany home, giving people a very dignified and imposing feeling.
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