How should the hotel's all-copper European desk lamp be purchased?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-06
In my impression, all-copper European-style desk lamps are mostly used for decoration. They are copper lamps placed on the table. Their main materials are copper and brass. Their characteristics are: the texture is good, so the value of appreciation and collection is very high. If you choose an ordinary desk lamp for lighting, it is better to choose an all-copper European desk lamp that can be decorated and illuminated. If the hotel room table lamp should be purchased according to the function. According to the function, desk lamps can generally be divided into reading desk lamps and decorative desk lamps. I. Reading desk lamp: The lamp body is simple and light in appearance. It refers to an all-copper European-style desk lamp specially used for reading and writing. This kind of desk lamp can generally adjust the height of the lamp pole, the direction and brightness of illumination, mainly lighting reading function. Second, decorative table lamp: the decorated all-copper European-style table lamp has a luxurious appearance, various materials and styles, and the lamp body structure is complex, which is used to embellish the space effect. The decorative function is as important as the lighting function. Therefore, it can be determined according to the specific needs of the hotel. When purchasing and writing all-copper European-style desk lamps, in addition to checking the optical performance, other performance methods should also be checked: one pull, two tones, three shakes and four touches. 1 pull; It refers to pulling the power cord plug out of the socket and pulling the power cord out of the lamp cavity to see if the power cord is firmly connected. The power cord cannot fall off the lamp cavity. (2) adjustment; It refers to adjusting various working positions of the desk lamp. When adjusting, no sound can be made, and the working position after adjustment should be able to lock conveniently and reliably. (3) shake; It refers to adjusting the desk lamp to the most unfavorable working position, and then gently shaking the plane on which the all-copper European desk lamp is placed to see if the desk lamp is easy to tip over. If the stability of the desk lamp is not good, it is easy to tip over. 4 Touch; Refers to lighting the desk lamp for a period of time (2 hours) After that, touch the heat-generating parts that are easy to touch when used, such as the lampshade, to prevent accidental burns when used in the future. Secondly, attention should also be paid to the safety of all-copper European-style desk lamps. When choosing lamps, one should not blindly be greedy for cheap prices, but should first look at their quality and check whether the warranty and certificate are complete. Sometimes expensive is not necessarily good, but too cheap is definitely not good. Many cheap lights are not of good quality, and there are often hidden dangers. In the event of a fire, the consequences are unimaginable. The purchase of all-copper European desk lamps in hotel rooms should be based on the overall style of the hotel and should be matched with the guest room environment, so as to leave a good impression on the guests.
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