How should Europe type crystal wall lamp to the high-end market

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-28
Ou crystal wall lamp should be how to high-end market: more than 20 years ago, in the lighting industry marketing model development do light of the market the most primitive way of marketing, because the European crystal wall lamp industry grew, more sophisticated marketing means, sales network more spread more widely, channel building ever deeper. Today, however, in a serious product homogeneity and regional differentiation of background, the European crystal wall lamp is in the midst of the change and the industry reshuffle, how to grasp the opportunity to become the important premise of lamp act the role ofing development? With the rapid economic development, China's European crystal wall lamp market prospect is good, the lighting industry will be real time from a source that occupy the home to lamp act the role ofing era. But if the blind investment LED lighting market, the consequences will be very serious. Although European crystal wall lamp industry, although after years of development, has formed a professional, modernization of logistics system of the system and e-commerce platform. For most lighting enterprise, make lighting brand, expanding the size of the market, into the present lighting industry rapid development form.
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