How should American all-copper living room chandeliers be matched?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-07
Customers often ask, how should American copper chandeliers be matched? Nowadays, people's lives are becoming more and more modern, and home improvement is also keeping up with the trend of the times. Many customers like American home decoration style, so the problem is, how should American all-copper living room chandeliers be properly matched? Today, let's briefly talk about it. The first is our living room. When it comes to the living room, many people will say that according to the height of the floor, the living room area, and so on. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this. It is important to match the size. But today we are mainly talking about the matching of colors and styles. If the living room is relatively small, the decoration should not be too complicated, try to choose a simple match, look simple, generous, visually can give you a feeling that the living room is not small, then the living room lights, it is even more to pursue simplicity and beauty. The small living room does not have much decoration. The American living room lamp is naturally a highlight of the decoration. Color matching is very important. Generally, the warm color system is more versatile in the living room. The light is also best warm white light, so the light is soft and the living room is warm. Then there is the bedroom. For the bedroom, you can choose the same series as the living room. Choose a small size. If the room is relatively large, you can match some auxiliary lights, such as small wall lamps and bedside lamps. The bedroom should be chosen to help sleep. Naturally, the light should not be too dazzling, it should be soft, or it can be slightly darker. Next is the restaurant. The lights in the restaurant are about the atmosphere. Then when we choose American chandeliers, we can choose small chandeliers with lampshades facing down. The color of the chandelier can be selected from some of the yellow retro effect, or the American pastoral style of the chandelier, the light does not need to be too bright, warm yellow light is a good choice, I believe it will add another feeling to your whole meal!
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