How should all copper wall lamp be installed?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-18
There are several categories of all-copper chandeliers, semi-chandeliers, ceiling lamps, column lamps, courtyard lamps and all-copper wall lamps in all-copper lamps. All copper wall lamps are relatively simple in these categories. Today, let's talk about the composition, structure and installation skills of all-copper wall lamps. The lamp body structure of the all-copper wall lamp can be divided into: hanging plate, back plate, curved arm and bald female lampshade. When installing all-copper wall lamps, we should ensure that the vertical plane after the lampshade is assembled is parallel to the wall. In addition, when installing, we should remember to put the wires in a place where the edge of the back plate cannot be pressed, otherwise it will easily lead to the extrusion of the wires and the wall. When fixing the bald mother of the back plate, there are at least 3- 5 teeth, the hole position must be aligned to ensure the overall horizontal position of the all-copper wall lamp after installation. The above is the structure and installation skills of all-copper wall lamps. Have you learned it?
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