How should all copper lamps be effectively protected from moisture?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-15
Q: How can all copper lamps be protected from moisture in humid weather? A: 1. Keep the room dry. All copper lamps should not be placed in houses that are easily affected with damp, which will easily make all copper chandeliers fall off. Therefore, in case of humid weather, keep the room dry and open the window for ventilation in time. 2. When the all-copper lamp encounters water vapor on the surface of wet weather, wipe it with a dry cloth. Never wipe it with a cloth stained with detergent. If you accidentally touch the water, try to dry it. Do not turn on the light as soon as you dry it, because the bulb is prone to burst when it meets the water at high temperature. 3. If the full copper lamp cannot be used normally due to humidity, do not disassemble it by yourself. Be sure to have a skilled installer check the full copper lamp and disassemble it. 4. After installation, some inspections should be done regularly to ensure a longer service life of all copper lamps. All copper lamps are lamps for a lifetime! All copper lamps are moisture-proof, remember to collect them.
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