How much do you know about all copper lamp lighting settings?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-14
It is said that the decoration of the house is an art, and the decoration is: warm, romantic and safe. Lamps and lanterns are one of the leading roles in decoration. If the lamps and lanterns are selected, they will not be installed casually. How much do you know about the lighting settings of the full copper lamps in the room? First, the living room, when installing the all-copper living room chandelier, pay attention to the light must be centered, the light fills every place in the living room, the living room is the main activity Place, a good lighting environment is very important. Second, the bedroom, the bedroom is an important place for people to rest, when installing the bedroom full copper lamp, the light should be installed at the head of the bed or next to the desk. For example, install a copper bedside wall lamp and a copper desk lamp on the bedside. Third, the vicinity of the lights in other areas should not be enlarged to prevent the spread of light, such as: wardrobes, lockers, etc.
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